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Asphalt surfaces

Extending/Restoring the Service Life of Asphaltic and concrete Pavements

Eko-Seal PCMO®, is a durable polymer composite micro-overlay (PCMO) that bonds securely to asphalt pavement, chip seal, polished stone and other bituminous products, as well as concrete and primed metal.

Eko-Seal PCMO® can be applied directly over old chip seal or other resurfacing products and will eliminate the loose rock problem that causes broken windshields associated with chip seal

Eko-Seal PCMO® is unaffected by water, UV, ice, oxidation, automotive fluids, aircraft fluids, oil, diesel and gasoline
Cracks in oxidized pavement are filled by the PCMO material as the asphalt pavement is capped with a 1/8-inch left of Eko-Seal PCMO®, 1/8-inch thickness eliminates many grade transitions, the required milling associated with utility adjustments, or curb and gutter issues

Eko-Seal PCMO® extends the life of asphalt pavement in excess of 20 years

Eko-Seal PCMO® is a High Performance Cement Mix Pavement
Asphalt pavements wouldn’t endure environmental effects and other exposure from ultraviolet light, water, aggressive chemical spills, and abrasion. Water and UV exposure strips the pavement of its asphaltic binder, which causes fading, hardening and brittleness (oxidation). This condition leads to cracking, subsequent crack wall erosion, and asphalt aggregate being unfettered from its binder, triggering deterioration of the pavement surface.

In 1996 a research and development project was initiated by our sister company to address these problems. The result ended in the development of PCMO® a Micro Overlay product which we named Eko-Seal PCMO® entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with the Army Corp of Engineers to fully test the PCMO® product’s ability to preserve asphaltic pavements by protecting them from damaging environmental exposure and abrasion. The Eko-Seal PCMO® product was installed at the US Army Corp of Engineers Experimental Water ways Station in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and was the subject of laboratory and other in-situ tests. The results of these studies and tests indicate exceptional performance in all categories, leading to the installation of this pavement protection system on all types of PCC and asphaltic pavements.

The FAA has approved the use of the PCMO® product through the publishing of Engineering Brief 62.

In addition to providing extended pavement life, Eko-Yol products, through the integration of properly Sieved, graded aggregates into the surface material, can also provide a long lasting friction and wearing course micro-overlay that can restore old pavements to new friction standards, or provide new asphaltic surfaces with a friction and wearing surface.
Eko-Yol’s Eko-Seal PCMO® product is a newly formulated high friction, high wear surface that combines all the characteristics and attributes of Eko-Yol’s Eko-Seal PCMO® product, with properly graded aggregates to meet any friction coefficient required for a particular application. The Eko-Seal PCMO® product has been further refined and reformulated to provide a long lasting,

Eko-Seal PCMO® Asphalt Pavement Sealer

Eko-Seal PCMO® is made from multiple acrylic polymers and specially sized composites that form a 1/8 inch protective crust over the pavement. Eko-Seal PCMO® is instrumental in the prevention of potholes because when cracks develop in asphalt the rocks in the crack wall are locked into place and the crack doesn’t widen. The material can be ordered in black but the recommended environmentally friendly color is light gray due to its

  • Unaffected by u. V. , water, or de-iceing fluids
  • Solar reflectivy index rating of. 32
  • Will not fade, peel, or de-laminate
  • Not affected by diesel, or gasoline,
  • Simple to repair
  • 100 % environmentally safe
  • Cures for traffic in 30 minutes in warm temps
  • Available in all primary colors
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Manufacturer provides complete application training
  • 5 year warranty, 25 year lifespan

POLYCON E-KRETE PCMO is the most revolutionary asphalt pavement preservation process since the creation of asphalt.

The limitations of asphalt :

  • Water and U.V. destroy asphalt
  • U.V. causes surface cracks
  • Crack wall erosion leads to potholes and base failure
  • Engine oil, deisel, gasoline, and brake fluid, damage asphalt
  • Asphalt absorbs and retains heat
  • Price instability restricts usage

Pavement preservation :

  • Asphalt is an excellent structural paving material
  • Asphalt is not a pavement preservation material
  • You can’t preserve pavement with a material that is subject to the same problems that destroy the pavement you are trying to preserve

The answer for asphalt pavement preservation :

  • Neither water nor u.v. affects pcmo
  • The pcmo eliminates crackwall erosion that leads to potholes
  • The light color of the pcmo has a s.r.i rating of .38 as tested by n.c.a.t.
  • Reduces heat in asphalt up to 12 ◦ f.
  • The pcmo stops u.v. cracking and plastic rutting in asphalt
  • Skid numbers avg. 51 to 55
  • No loose stones and no road noise

POLYCON’s missions :

The asphalt industry has searched for years to find ways to extend the life of asphalt pavement. The ultimate goal is to find :

  • A durable wearing surface unaffected by U.V., water, and automotive fuels and fluids
  • A paving material that is cost effective, price stable, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly
  • A paving material that bonds to chip seal, new asphalt and severely oxydized asphalt
  • A paving material that eliminates crackwall erosion


Why use the pcmo ?

  • The life cycle cost analysis proves it is less expensive than chip seal, micro-surfacing, and thin overlays
  • It is u.v.proof, water proof and has a 25 year life expectancy
  • It is environmentally safe
  • It is not influenced by oil prices
  • Minimal interference with traffic
  • It has a 10 year warranty

Crack Repair:

E-KRETE protects asphalt from cracking, caused by exposure from the sun. When E-Krete is applied over a crack it flows down the crack wall locks the stones in place and prevents crack wall erosion . Crack wall erosion is caused by the binder releasing the rocks and widening the crack which then allows more water to penetrate the base. Hairlines may reappear as a result of cement shrinkage


  • Has a 10 year warranty 
  • has an est. 25 year lifespan
  • Has been in use since 1996
  • Is approved by: nasa, e.p.a., d.o.t, faa, d.o.d.
  • The material is price stable, not influenced by the price of oil, and is 100 % environmentally safe
  • Bonds to chip seal, oxydized asphalt, new asphalt
  • Reduces u.v.cracking, reduces heat in asphalt
  • Reduces road noise and eliminates loose rocks that break windshields
  • No more micro-overlay’s, slurry seal, chip seal and does not require milling
  • Dries to traffic in 1 hour ( depending on temp.)
  • Reduces cracks, potholes, and stableizes the crackwall
  • No significant loss of friction over life of material
CCQ 64-057 187
RBQ 2743-1592-72
NEQ 1142557264