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FINITION DE BETON 2000 has been producing top quality concrete grinding work for over 20 years.

We are specialists in decorative concrete finishes. We are based in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, we provide our services to private and professional customers all over Quebec.

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Why grind concrete

Concrete grinding serves to maintain the concrete and improve its visual aspect. Over the years, concrete builds up impurities in its pores, grinding serves to remove these impurities and pores. The smooth surface produced by grinding concrete also reduces the build-up of dirt. It also improves its visual aspect, a smooth and shiny surface is always more attractive than the rough matt surface that concrete usually has. We use the latest technological developments to provide the best possible grinding results.

"Concrete grinding guarantees an attractive and well maintained floor for your building."

Concrete grinding: a job for the professionals

Concrete grinding can only be carried out by experienced professionals. The grinding equipment is both heavy and bulky, the weight is essential to the operation, only a professionally trained operative can use and handle this equipment. In addition to this, all such equipment is subject to health and safety regulations, and PPE (personal protection equipment) must be worn during the operation. The grinding operation involves applying successive abrasives, different granularities are used for each stage of the process (removal of surface dirt, roughing, polishing, finishing and buffing). We use special abrasives; only diamond based products can achieve sufficient quality results.

"Our extensive experience and equipment guarantee the excellent quality of our concrete grinding service."

{Concrete grinding} {Québec}, {Concrete grinding} {Montréal},{Concrete Grinding} {Laval}

Our advantages of our services:

  • Patented equipment from known manufacturers: LAVINA by Superabrasive and Tercco
  • The Pro Surface System TM working method
  • All deadlines met

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