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FINITION DE BETON 2000's 20 years of experience guarantee the quality of their marble polishing service.

We are located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. We serve private and professional customers all over Quebec.

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Marble polishing involves a number of stages and requires very specific equipment. The first stage is the grinding; this includes a number of processes which aim to remove any imperfections from the marble. This requires a grinding machine which removes any scratches, hollows, protrusions from your marble surface. The second stage is the polishing, this aims to produce a smooth surface, the grinding stage usually leaves a rough surface. The final stage is the buffing, which achieves a brilliant mirror-like finish. We are specialised in everything relating to concrete, marble and terrazzo polishing.

These are jobs for qualified professionals.

"We can polish your marble and give a new life to your surfaces."

Why get your marble polished

Marble polishing can be done to improve its visual aspect. When marble loses its original shine, it loses the refined quality for which it is so well appreciated; even its characteristic markings can lose their definition. In addition to this marble should be polished to maintain its longevity. Natural marble is porous; it readily builds up dirt which may damage the marble. Polishing will remove this dirt as well as reduce the marble's porosity.

"Our polishing service will improve the look of your marble and as well as its condition."

The advantages of our services:

  • A complete range of equipment
  • Experienced professional staff
  • Polishing is our specialisation

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