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If you have a terrazzo surface, you can get it polished and give it a new lease of life by calling on FINITION DE BETON 2000.

We are located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and operate all over Quebec.

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Why get your terrazzo polished

Terrazzo surfaces are very decorative. After a few years however, marks may become apparent: the surface may no longer be smooth, the agglomerates may stand proud of the surface, etc. To deal with this we propose a terrazzo polishing service. Just as with marble polishing, terrazzo polishing aims to recover the surface's initial smooth feel and much appreciated mirror-like finish. Our terrazzo polishing service is of the highest quality.

"Our terrazzo polishing service avoids the need to replace your floor whilst making it even more attractive."

The operation is very delicate

Terrazzo polishing is a very delicate operation. The operation generates a lot of dust, especially if the equipment is of inferior quality. If you opt for dry polishing, the disadvantage presented by the paste is no less unpleasant. We use a dry polishing technique with specialised machines. The diamond tipped grinding wheels and thoroughly developed methods that we use ensure the best possible results. We can provide you with whichever standard of polishing you require.

"Our terrazzo polishing service uses the latest technology to provide impeccable results."

{Terrazzo polishing} {Quebec}, {Terrazzo polishing} {Montreal},{Terrazzo polishing} {Laval}

We use patented equipment from the best manufacturers:

  • LAVINA by Superabrasive
  • Tercco

Call on us, we guarantee the best quality.

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